Utilizing Social Media Optimization In Your SEO

Recently Google released information regarding Social Signals playing a role in Search Engine Rankings. Although most of us with our ear to the ground had know this was true for a while it has now been confirmed.

In a recent article on Smarbrief entitled What to expect in 2014: Social Media Optimization author James Scherer gave these 5 pointers:

Here are five tips for optimizing your content for social media:

  1. Put time and effort into header images that catch the eye — use images whenever posting to social platforms
  2. Brainstorm two blog titles: one which is optimized for SEO (long-tail keyword) and another which is more appealing on social (short, intriguing, eye-catching). Use the first on your site and the other when promoting.
  3. Get the technical details right: Edit for grammar, spelling and broken links. Use link shorteners like bitly, and keep your posts short on all platforms (as shorter posts get higher engagement)
  4. Ensure your post has a hook and a call-to-action: Try a question and “Click for more”
  5. Encourage comments and REPLY TO THEM
    Read the full article here

The tip in #5 is certainly where the new title meta tags are moving, and I personally think it’s better. It is more in the direction of Marketing and Sales and many are heading in this direction. SEO Moz is now Moz and SEO Braintrust is now Marketers Braintrust. Sacramento SEO services are becoming more of an overall Marketing Campaign, but what will this mean for local business owners.  It’s actually good news! SEO alone is great but one can not build a business on a one-trick pony sort’a speak. A more well-rounded marketing program delivers bigger and better results.

If you’re not supplementing you SEO with Social Media and PPC there is much you may be leaving on the table in regards to audience reach.  For more on the future of seo click here.

For additional information here is a great video with Rand Fishkin:


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The Future Of SEO Not What You Might Expect

If you have been following the SEO Industry as I have over the last few years you would know that with all the Google Updates and the increase in Social, that the online landscape has been changing. While Google still tries to deliver the best results for users (and some say it’s share holders but we won’t go there), SEO must change as well. In order to look into the future let’s take quick glimpse into the past.

It was only a short while ago (4yrs) where article directories were killing it online. During and prior to this time any link pretty much boosted your rankings straight to the top. Ahhh memories memories…how I loved those days. Today we are focused more on relevancy, diversity, Social, and more. This is just in terms of linking by the way, we have not even gotten into how to make SEO profitable. Oh, you might be thinking, it’s about choosing profitable keywords, money keywords, ya know? The ones that are buying keywords not research words. And you would be right… well half right.

Why do we do SEO anyways? To be found in the organic listings when our customers search for phrases related to our service/product. But, why would we want to do that?
Umm to get more traffic? Yes and? Make more money? BINGO!

However, in order to make more money from the traffic. You need conversions. Yes, there is no doubt your page needs to be relevant for that search query in regards to providing a SOLUTION to that users problem, but given that is true, your page needs to convert.
Now we are talking about Sales and Marketing.
Conversion Optimization, website profit optimization, require a very specific skill. That is copywriting. Some of the best copywriters in the world charge $50,000 for a sales page, most great copywriters are anywhere from 10-20k, and the scale continues.

SEO does NOT work without conversions because the purpose for doing all this is to increase a businesses revenue, who cares about being on the first page! If you can not increase a businesses revenue you’re wasting time and resources.
We are back at good ole, down home, meat and potatoes marketing… ya baby! Lol

The future of SEO is Internet Marketing, hence the term Sacramento SEO Marketing
I’ve said for years now that SEO was only one piece of the puzzle and it holds true today more than ever. SEO officially must include Social (any pro SEO would know this), profits need conversions, so here we are. The future of SEO is an actual Internet Marketing Campaign that includes Social Media, Paid Ads (the fastest way to test conversions), and  Conversion Optimization.

This is actually really exciting stuff, because it means finally we are accepting what really works for making money online. And for a business owner we can strip away all the false information surrounding how to make internet marketing work for our businesses. Now we can look at what really works and just work on that to improve our business instead of ‘trying’ different things. For more SEO Tips go here.

Here is a cool video with Rand Fishkin from Moz.com, it’s really interesting and education, check it out.

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Seo Tips

SEO has become an indispensable part of online marketing. Effective use of this tool can give wings to your online business while not using it rightly can play havoc with it. Although having a company website with relevant content and great look is very important but it is not everything. Page ranking in popular search engines has become an extremely important part of promoting your website and drawing targeted traffic to it. For this reason, you need to equip yourself with the SEO tips so that you can direct traffic to your site and boost your business.Here are few extremely important tips which can help you to make the most of SEO:1. Firstly, one of the most important tips for search engine optimization is to get inbound links. This is for the reason that the more inbound links you will have from other popular site to your website, the easier it will become for you to get better ranking from search engines. For this reason, you must strive to get as many of these as possible. It gives credibility to your site and helps you to improve your ranking on the search engines.

2. Social bookmarking is another very important aspect of SEO. It makes it easier for visitors to bookmark your pages. Not only this, it also allows you to submit your website to the social bookmarking sites and in turn you get extra benefit.

3. Furthermore, article Directory Submissions must also be made use of for effective SEO. It is also helps you to build back links and is considered as one of the best tools for internet marketing. By submitting articles in these directories you can reach out of wider audience which can be directed to your site once they read your article.

4. Other than these, website directory submissions are also very useful for link building. As there are countless website directories, making your presence ensure your online presence in the best possible way. All you have to do is to pay a small amount while there are many free sites as well.

5. Site maps are also important part of SEO. In simple words it basically allows you to inform the search engines about various pages on your website. As a result, it helps search engines to rank your page in the best and most effective way.

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Simple… Sound… Solutions

Simple, sound, solutions that are tested, proven, and quite simply… just work.
Are you ready?

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Reveal Competitor Weakness

Reveal competitor weakness and capitalize on openings in the market that you can utilize for greater profits.

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